Health Insurance Glossary

TPA - Third Party Administer -
Insurance claims throughout are settled by the insured or third party administrator. In case of hospitalisation, whether cashless or reimbursement, your TPA would be your point of contact. Always contact your service provider for any claim request.
Network Hospitals -
These are hospitals listed area wise, which are empanelled with your insurer to provide cashless hospitalization should the need arise.
Cashless Hospitalization -
Your insurer will have a list of network hospitals which are covered to provide cashless treatment should there be hospitalization. The insured need not pay hospital bill once approved, as it is already covered.
Pre and Post Hospitalization -
Before and after hospitalization, depending on the no. of days mentioned in the policy, the expenses are covered by the insurer.
No Claim Bonus -
If the policy holder does not register any claims in the whole year, he is entitled to No Claim Bonus (NCB). This is provided to insured as a deduction in renewal premium amount or increased sum assured.
Health Check-up -
Free Health Check-up facility is offered by some insurers if there are no claims registered, depending on the policy type.