Benefits of Life Insurance

Most of us are often tend to ignore the importance of sound policy as we think it not required and what could possibly happen to us.
This leads us to believe that life insurance is not worth the money for but a sudden mishap/accident leaves us feeling fearful of the future-for us & our family.
There is no two way about what an individual wants- financial security & protection; for which life insurance is the best option available. There are multiple advantages to availing a life insurance plan, let us glance at them:
Offers Risk Cover
In case of an unfortunate event, you and your family are protected with a high risk cover.
Death Benefits
Sudden demise of a family member leaves the dependents grief-stricken and during such situations financial worries should be the least they should think of. An adequate life cover ensures that one's family is well taken care of in case of such incidents. The insurer pays up the bereaved family the sum assured along with any bonus or profits, as applicable
Tax Benefits
Under Section 80C of Income Tax Act, investments made in certain specified instruments are subject to tax rebate. Moreover, Section 80C is an effective way by which a salaried person can reduce his/her tax liability. Since life insurance premiums are taken into consideration, it can be a way that will help you reduce your tax burden.
Loan Facility 
As per policy provisions, you can avail pre-sanctioned loan facility to meet any emergencies. The loan amount can be taken in a percentage of the sum assured of your life insurance
Assured Returns/Income Benefits
Certain policies that offer money back benefits helps in keeping your family secure with regular & timely payouts. This income helps in meeting certain regular expenses like rent, bills, loans, etc.
Life Stage Planning
Insurance enables you to effectively plan for every life stage and needs during that stage. Life insurance can be viewed as long term investment instrument that provides solid financial support.
As per your life stage and risk appetite, you can fix and meet all your financial goals whether it is your child's education, wedding expenses, buying dream home or your retirement- all taken care of.
Safe Investment
Your money is invested in life insurance is safe and returns are paid back on time. It also fetches good returns as the money is returned to the policyholder/beneficiaries as sum assured either on completion of the policy term or death, whichever is earlier.