FAQs Travel Insurance

Q. What are the eligibility criteria for Travel Insurance?
From infants aged 6 months onwards can avail of travel insurance

Q.  Are there any medical examinations involved?
No, there is no medical examination required upto the age of 70 years.

Q.  Is travel Insurance mandatory?
Travel Insurance is not mandatory in India. However it is mandatory in UK and countries like Austria, Greece, Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands.
However for a safe and peaceful trip, it is recommended that you take a Travel insurance policy even if you are travelling to countries apart from these.

Q.  Is passport loss covered in the travel insurance policy?
Yes, passport loss is covered in the policy. It is covered under the benefit of loss of Baggage and Personal Documents. The assistance provider helps in contacting the consular authorities in case of the loss or theft of an Insured Personal's passport, and arranging for its replacement.

Q. What does loss of checked in baggage cover?
This covers the insured person for the amount spent as cost of replacement of articles if checked in baggage is lost or damaged. The insured must keep the bills of such expenses for reimbursement

Q. How much cover do I need?
Travel Insurance cover depends on the duration and your age. Longer stay abroad needs higher cover. Higher age would also demand a higher cover.